The history of Linn and the career of Carol Kidd are inextricably linked; her celebrated, self-titled album was of course Linn Records’ first. It raised the bar for recorded jazz, and also had a profound effect on what was possible in the reproduction of music, through the development of the legendary LP12 turntable.

Decades on and ‘Britain’s finest ballads singer’ is back again with a new album run through with moments of magic. ‘Tell Me Once Again’, which features the delicate touch of long time collaborator and guitarist Nigel Clark, captures the spine-tingling intimacy they excel at in their live performances.

This long awaited recording will be familiar to audiences lucky enough to have caught one of the duo’s recent live shows – its arrangements are scored exclusively for this dynamic and stripped back partnership. The selection of songs, including the dreamy Mancini-Mercer ballad, ‘Moon River’, an exquisite recording of ‘Once In a While’ and a song Kidd and Clark wrote together, the title track, results in Kidd’s most personal album ever.

The album is full of Kidd’s signature interpretations that wrap you in her rich and sensuous voice, while Clark provides a beautifully refined accompaniment. Together, they have a musical rapport that has been honed over many years and it has been captured beautifully on this album.

It is also an opportunity to hear Carol for the first time in Studio Master 192kHz quality as, just like her first album, Linn shows just what is possible in the recording and reproduction of jazz.

To experience the magic of this album, you can download it now or pre-order on SACD.

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