Montréal, QC Canada * June 3, 2009 * Gemme Audio, inventors of V-Flex™ and Breathe™ technologies and makers of renowned loudspeakers, announce the appointment of The Signal Collection, LLC as their exclusive distributor in the U.S.A.

Designed by Robert Gaboury, Gemme Audio made its first big stir in 2006 with the introduction of their « V-Flex » technology, which is a particular bass loading design that permits drivers as small as 4″ in diameter to perform with nearly full-range heft and extension. Their first proof of the V-Flex concept was the Vivace loudspeaker, a single-driver loudspeaker utilizing a 4″ loudspeaker driver that has shocked listeners and reviewers with its ability to produce very low bass without compromising performance in other portions of the band. Now in its 2nd iteration, Vivace’s legendary performance is still available to worshippers at the throne of the Flea Powered SET.

However, V-Flex soon found a home in other models from Gemme, expressed gracefully in the Tanto (now in its 3rd iteration) and the newest model: Katana. These latest iterations of all three speakers feature the V-Flex Extreme technology, pushing the performance of these otherwise modest loudspeakers beyond « reasonable » – considering the driver compliment.

« It was this ‘unreasonable’ aspect of the products that attracted me, » shared Chris Sommovigo of The Signal Collection. « When Jean-Pierre Boudreau – Gemme’s co-founder – first approached me to distribute, I wasn’t keen on the idea. Anyone who knows my lines also knows that I am not fond of conventional loudspeakers – the technology has not only hit a wall, but the myriad other players in the conventional speaker market have created a raw commodity out of something that was once an art. Auditioning the Gemme Katana changed my mind – and that’s an otherwise impossible task. »

Into this mix of unreasonably high-performance V-Flex loudspeakers is now introduced Gemme’s Phénix line of loudspeakers, including the Green Gem and the Manticore loudspeakers.

The Green Gem is a quasi-custom product that incorporates a credenza-like bass cabinet (utilizing their new Breathe™ technology) with two high efficiency monitors called « Soprano. » Prices for the Green Gem begin at $40,000.00 USD and go up, depending on the level of customization the client desires. This can include a variety of finishes, as well as some structural/architectural changes to the shape of the product.

With regard to Green Gem’s marriage of « lifestyle » and high performance, Sommovigo shares, « The Green Gem is more of a category than a single product, due to its customizability. For some clients it is equally important that a product fit in with the décor of a beautifully appointed living space, and Green Gem affords the music lover an uncompromising level of performance without imposing on interior design. »

The Manticore (a name derived from the early Persian word, meaning « man-eater ») is an extreme reference product. Available in two variants (A bass-horn version and a Breathe version), it is specified at 100dB sensitivity (2.83v/1m) with a power handling of 1,000w … thus capable of producing almost 130dB. « To give an idea, 115 dB is the Rolling Stones in show playing at full blast, » quipped Jean-Pierre of Gemme. « And then when you hear them, you might say they play like no other speaker you ever heard. » Production of Manticore is slated for later in 2009.

With a few early-adopters joining the dealer network this week, The Signal Collection and Chris Sommovigo will be welcoming more in the days and moths to come.

 » This lineup punches so far above its weight-class that the value is very high. Built and finished to some of the highest standards in the industry, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gemme causes a few worries among the stalwarts and juggernauts of the conventional loudspeaker pantheon, » said Sommovigo. « This is just the kind of product the industry needs: Unreasonably high performance, finish, and value. I’m glad Gemme found us … and I’m glad we found them. »

Gemme Audio
contact: Jean Pierre Boudreau:
Montréal, QC  Canada

The Signal Collection, LLC
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Atlanta, GA  USA