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Create World’s First THX Certified Cables FOR HDMI™

New Ultimate-Quality Speed-Rated HDMI Cables Will Be Launched at Best Buy

New York, NY, June 10, 2009 – Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of cables, AV accessories, and power conditioning products, today announced it has teamed with THX® Ltd., to introduce the world’s first THX Certified cables for HDMI™. The new speed-rated cables will make their debut at Best Buy this month.  This new family of higher performance Monster THX ™  Certified cables for HDMI will be available in three different speeds: High Speed 700 (10.2 Gbps); Ultra High Speed 900 (13.8 Gbps); and Ultimate High Speed 1000 (15.8 Gbps). All performance levels are independently verified by SimplayTM Labs®

The speed ratings are now higher speeds:

• High Speed was 4.95 Gbps – now 10.2 Gbps
• Ultra-High Speed was 10.2 Gbps – now 13.8 Gbps
• Ultimate High-Speed was 14.9 Gbps – now 15.8 Gbps.

All of these are unequalized test ratings. The new Monster THX cables for HDMI now have 2 performance levels above 10.2 Gbps which is the maximum bandwidth of the HDMI 1.4 specification.

Not only has the performance gone up, the prices have gone down.

• Ultimate High Speed Monster THX 1000 4 ft. (SRP) now $99.95 was $129.95
• Ultra High Speed Monster THX 900 4 ft. (SRP) now $79.95 was $99.95
• High Speed Monster THX 700 4 ft. (SRP) now $69.95 was $79.95

To ensure the highest performance from all of today’s advanced display devices and high definition source components, the new Monster THX Certified cables for HDMI incorporate specifications researched and developed by the audio and video experts at THX. The certification standards include a series of electrical and mechanical specifications that guarantee top-notch video and audio reproduction with premium-grade construction to ensure signal path integrity and simplified installation. To provide the utmost in consumer confidence, the Ultimate High Speed 1000 Cables will carry the Monster® Cable for Life™ replacement offer – if the equipment customers connect ever outstrips this cable’s capacity to service them, Monster will replace it at no charge.

Noted Noel Lee, the Head Monster: « Monster is the world’s leader in high-quality HDMI cables, and THX is the most recognizable brand name in movies, with millions of people enjoying THX Certified movie titles and CE products every day. Combining our brands assures our valued customers that the products they purchase will provide them with the highest performance level in the industry, bar none. »

« Monster and THX are partnering to address a critical link in the home theater chain, the HDMI cables that deliver HD movie, broadcast and video game experiences, » said Mitch Gelman, chief operating officer at THX. « The THX Certified Monster cables for HDMI meet our highest standards for quality and usability across a number of cable speeds and distances, and will provide Best Buy shoppers a means to realize the full potential of their HDTVs and home audio systems. »

Attention-Getting, Informative Packaging
The attention-getting « green » eco-friendly packaging for the new Monster THX Certified cables makes it easy for customers to see exactly what they’re purchasing – and understand all the benefits. Prominently featured on the front of the package is the THX logo, cable length, connection type, speed rating badge, performance capabilities, ISF Certified badge, cable TV approved badge, Simplay HDTM certification®  statement, and compatible components. Only the Ultimate High Speed Monster THX 1000 packaging has the Monster « Cable for Life » badge that guarantees the cable’s performance today and in the future.

With the introduction of its new THX Certified family of HDMI cables, Monster now offers a comprehensive range of HDMI cables for every consumer need and budget, from its non-speed-rated Monster Basic™ Cables for HDMI™ to its Ultimate High Speed products.

All prices is in US $