An exciting debut from one of the UK’s brightest jazz talents

« Lyn’s Une » by Alyn Cosker is out now on 24-bit download
Alyn Cosker has quickly established a reputation as a formidable jazz drummer.  He has poured his experience and chameleon-like taste into the original compositions on « Lyn’s Une ».  Joining Alyn on his debut album are some of the most exciting and versatile young musicians on the Scottish music scene.  The album recaptures the energy of a live performance and features funky, roaringly passionate jazz demonstrating the calibre of the musicians.

« A fantastic drummer who plays with a lot of heart, swing and passion. » Courtney Pine Click here to download « Lyn’s Une » – out on CD on 15th June.

Claire Martin sparkles with Richard Rodney Bennett in New York
Claire Martin is performing at New York’s Algonquin Hotel with Sir Richard Rodney Bennett until 6th June.  Their show Witchcraft, featuring the songs of Cy Coleman, has received rave reviews. Wolf Entertainment Guide states: « Martin is a superb jazz singer with a special ability to reach for inventiveness in whatever number she chooses » while the New York Times writes: « Ms. Martin looks and sounds every bit the part of a well-traveled, emotionally vulnerable sybarite who might have spent a season accompanying the Rolling Stones on a world tour ».
Click here to buy « When Lights Are Low » by Claire and Richard.

Bass Guitar Magazine pronounces « Shock! » ‘a gem of an album’
« A very accessible but sophisticated jazz set. What makes this album even more of a joy is the rhythm section’s telepathic interplay, Cottle’s staggering virtuosity melting into Thomas’ finely contoured grooves and immaculate solos.  An album that reveals new depths on repeat listens Williams and co have cooked up a gem of an album that proves shockingly addictive. » Click here to buy « Shock! » by Gareth Williams Power Trio

And finally… It is your last chance to vote for Carol Kidd in the 2009 Scottish Jazz Awards before voting closes on 3rd June. Click here to vote for « Dreamsville » in the Best Album category.