Claude Debussy • Jean-Paul Gasparian (piano)

Claude Debussy
Jean-Paul Gasparian (piano)
Preludes, Book I. Prints. Spring rounds.
Naïve, V 7958
Interpretation : ★ ★★★
Technical : ★★

Fascinating experience. We discovered this recording through digital HD files, then received the CD which we then listened to again. We were terribly disappointed, after listening to the files, by the hardness of the piano, its metallic side pulled towards the high. Listening to the CD, the flaws become a little less pronounced.

There remains a hard capture (The wind in the plain) and with a strangely managed reverberation. You don’t imagine the place and you don’t get in touch with the pianist and the music.

Both listenings verify the adage: sound quality amplifies defects.

At the very least, the CD is bearable. But in this context, the Preludes of the excellent Jean-Paul Gasparian are not the ones with whom one will go a long way. We are left withZimmerman, Koroliov, Austbö, Kocsis and some others.