Product Presentation of Simaudio’s North Products

On November 18th, 2023, the Filtronique specialized audio store in Montreal invited us to the presentation of the new North products from the manufacturer Simaudio located in Boucherville. Two presentation sessions were scheduled with Dominique Poupart, the product director at Simaudio, one at 10:30 am and the other at 1:30 pm. This new collection of electronic devices replaces the MOON Evolution series, which constituted the pinnacle of this manufacturer’s product ranges. The North collection was officially presented at the last HIGH End Hi-Fi salon in Munich and is now available in the majority of stores representing Simaudio brand of products..

Dominique Poupart, the product director at Simaudio

The manufacturer Simaudio has decided to completely review and update all the circuits of the products in the North collection. Minor improvements have also been made to the casings. This redesign was an opportunity to streamline the number of products that were too numerous in the MOON Evolution collection. Thus, the new collection now includes only six devices that can meet all the needs of the brand’s enthusiasts. We are talking about a single integrated amplifier of 125 W per channel named 641 and its companion, the digital-to-analog converter-network player 681. In the 700 series, there is the 761 power amplifier with 200 W per channel and its counterpart, the preamplifier-network player 791. For the 800 series, there is a power amplifier named 861 with 300 W per channel and its preamplifier-network player 891.

All devices in the North collection can now be controlled by a single smart remote. The BRM-1 embodies a new standard in terms of design and ergonomics. Its OLED touch-controlled screen, rotary button, and Bluetooth communication provide perfect ease of use. Its long-lasting Li-ion battery is easily rechargeable with a standard USB cable. For more details on the North collection.
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