(Monitor) Earth (Tower, passive radiator)
Metal (Tower, twin woofer) Wood (Center chanel) Wather (Subwoofer)

With Totem’s huge success in providing world leading On-Wall performance with the Totem Torrent woofer based Tribe III and Tribe V, the next logical step for us was to design In-Room assimilation of this ‘no crossover’ technology.

Introducing the New Totem Designed Element Series. Art and function in five powerful combinations are presented in this new series. These speakers incomparably express any musical genre with conviction, ease, and with enormous scale.

As fundamental as an Element is in its individual purpose, this new series will strike the perfect balance between form and function! In nature, there are the five vital elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water; and as they have very interesting inter-relationships with each other, this NEW Totem series will confirm just that.

Available in gleaming, luxurious, multi-coat polyester finishes: Dusk/Black or Ice/White. An attractive chassis that has no apparent parallel lines!! They also come wonderfully appointed; with custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates, precision machined reflex ports, and fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable).

Magnetic grills are standard. The floor-standing models Earth and Metal also come with a variably adjustable “center front claw”.  In addition, rear cabinet decoupling is provided on the floor standers via their own respective “skid plates”.

Each Element model features Totem’s own 7 inch Torrent hand-assembled drivers utilizing machined precision fit and finish, as well as revolutionary magnetic technology only found in the Element Series.

The new Element woofers used in this series are not only built in house but deviate substantially from any normal woofer manufacturing. Firstly, they have an extreme precision machined chassis, not a molded or stamped one. Each driver actually has 3 hours of machining time devoted to it and a further 4 hour plus assembly and testing. This allows for precision usually associated with watch-making and not woofer manufacturing. Besides this, there are other major technical innovations that were developed internally at Totem. The stainless steel and thick aluminum based voice coils are not only under hung within the magnetics but fully immersed in a super strong yet completely localized magnetic field. This specialized enclosure like cradle holds multiple claw shaped magnetic segments that allows for a full one inch throw of the driver. The 7 inch cone is fully rear damped yet light and stiff. All the Element drivers have free air resonances in the 16-17 Hz area.

The major basis for these revolutionary magnetics and precision construction was to make the Totem Element series utilize absolutely « no active or passive cross-over parts » in the woofer section. A tremendous challenge that once resolved, offers substantial advantages in clarity and phase correctness with remarkable control and striking accuracy both on and off axis. Totem has found that this cross-over free network in the woofer path allows for an unfettered flow of information, sound, and energy also resulting in a real musical experience. The tweeter is an incredibly musical on and off axis performer.  Already utilized in the Tribe V, this stunning tweeter features a 3/8’’ inch thick aluminum face plate, and finned aluminum alloy body for cooling and durability. Its great attributes are the outstanding clarity, openness and true linearity at any volume setting, allowing it to keep up and contribute fully and musically to the woofer’s magical pace. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with all Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups