The New Rega AYA Loudpeaker

The renowned English manufacturer Rega comes to us with a brand new 2.5-way floor-standing loudspeaker. After about a decade of research and development under the direction of Roy Gandy, Rega‘s designers have developed the AYA model, whose cabinet is molded from fiber-reinforced cement. The continuous increase in the price of MDF panels covered with veneer has forced Rega to consider other options.

This manufacturing technique, called GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement), allows for more economical production of a cabinet with rounded corners and non-parallel surfaces. This involves molding a shell in two parts: the front face and the rear shell. Once these parts are assembled, a sealed, well-damped enclosure of exemplary strength is obtained for a reasonable weight. Inside, there is an acoustic filter which also serves as horizontal reinforcement.

The transducers of the AYA loudspeaker are all designed and handcrafted in Rega‘s workshops in England. It features a 13 cm diameter midrange driver and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter named ZRR. The PR7.8 woofer for low frequencies is 18 cm and equipped with a treated paper cone. The nominal impedance is 6 ohms, sensitivity is 89.5 dB with an allowable power of 125 W per channel. The dimensions are 25.8 x 87.1 x 21.5 cm and the weight is 14.1 kg.

Considering that audiophiles generally do not use protective grilles, Rega has decided to make its magnetic grille optional to further lower the retail price of the AYA loudspeaker. The three-branched metal stand gives the impression that the loudspeaker is floating in the air while providing the whole with a slightly retro look. The rear leg includes the connection terminals to the amplifier. All these manufacturing details are exceptional for this price range

At the time of writing, the Rega AYA loudspeaker is available in all stores representing the brand. Its price is $2,995 per pair, and it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.