R-N2000A, the Yamaha that does it all

We saw it in Munich in 2022, and the public reacted very positively. It has now arrived in Quebec, and can now be seen, in the flesh, in a number of Quebec boutiques. The Yamaha R-N2000A is in fact a two-channel high-fidelity receiver. In reality, it’s much more than that.

To call it an All-in-One would not do it justice. It’s part of a new generation of amplifiers, better known as intelligent amplifiers. For starters, Yamaha has taken the excellent A-S1200 integrated amplifier and added a host of modern features, while preserving the very analog feel and controls of a classic amplifier. In use, the music lover won’t be lost and won’t have to struggle with incomprehensible buttons and menus.

So what does it offer that an A-S1200 doesn’t? Firstly, an analog tuner for the FM band, which earns it the title of receiver. Yamaha has also equipped it with its excellent MusicCast streaming platform. Using the application, you’ll be able to enjoy high-definition online music, as all the major sites are integrated into the device. Naturally, Yamaha‘s R-N2000A is equipped with a digital-to-analog conversion section with all the necessary inputs, including an asynchronous USB and even an HDMI ARC. This section has been carefully designed and is based on an ESS Sabre ES9026PRO DAC chip, no less!And while we’re at it, why not include acoustic processing software? Yamaha‘s YPAO software does just that, using a small microphone supplied with the unit. This software will solve a number of problems for those whose rooms have certain acoustic shortcomings. Thanks to a pure direct button, this software can easily be deactivated, along with all the device’s secondary controls. Yamaha‘s R-N2000A includes a high-quality phono stage and analog inputs.

What’s remarkable about this device is the accuracy of the choices made by Yamaha. What needs to be analog, stays analog all the way through the signal path. What is digital, is judiciously placed and removed from the path if desired.

The look, finish and presentation of this device are absolutely magnificent. The integration of the screen in a black band at the bottom of the device is a total success. The suggested price is very reasonable for what’s on offer. A splendid machine, made for listening to music in 2023, that we can’t wait to get our hands on for a future test bench.

For more information: Yamaha Canada