Passion Audio : a new HiFi store

A new high-fidelity boutique has just opened in Châteauguay, which, in my opinion, is a first for this city. It is called Passion Audio and is located at 43 rue Principale. The owner, Martin Leblanc, and his partner, Sabrina Boukdjadja, opened their shop on October 26th. Martin Leblanc initially pursued a career in the field of communications for the Canadian press. Since the year 2000, he has taken a keen interest in the high-fidelity reproduction field. His numerous visits to specialized salons have led him to become a true audiophile. However, he points out that his love for music comes from the fact that he practiced singing and piano when he was younger

The owner Martin Leblanc and his partner Sabrina Boukdjadja.

Since the spring of 2023, he has been fully engaged in organizing and establishing his business. Passion Audio‘s store hours are Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. From Monday to Wednesday, VIP listening sessions are available by appointment only. They also offer personalized repair and maintenance services for all your audio equipment by an experienced technician. The store also includes a record section with nearly 300 vinyl records.

Passion Audio stands out with an impressive catalog of lesser-known European brands that are less common in other high-fidelity shops. As a result, they hope to attract a seasoned clientele to Châteauguay, who won’t hesitate to come for the high-end and niche product demonstrations.

For electronic devices, they offer manufacturers such as BAT from the USA, Fezz Audio from Poland, Lejonklou Hi-Fi from Sweden, Shindo from Japan, and the Swiss manufacturer Wattson Audio. As for acoustic speakers, you can listen to wide-band speakers like those from Cube Audio in Poland, Dutch & Dutch monitoring speakers from the Netherlands, concentric speakers from Mofi Electronics in the U.S.A., and open-baffle speakers from Qualio IQ, also from Poland.

Since Martin Leblanc is a vinyl enthusiast, he has surrounded himself with superb turntables from the Polish manufacturer J. Sikora, while the playback cartridges come from Japanese manufacturers such as Hanna and VAL. The audio cables are from the Quebec-based manufacturer Luna Cables.

The TED Magazine team wishes a long and prosperous life to Passion Audio, which has enriched the choices in high-fidelity for Quebec audiophiles.