Musical Fidelity: Nu-Vista 800.2

Musical Fidelity states that its new flagship Nu-Vista 800.2 integrated amp keeps true to the original Nu-Vista 800 design whilst benefitting from refinements and technological advancements to create an improved experience in both sound and aesthetics.

The original Nu-Vista 800 amplifier has many fans, and it now hands the baton over to the 2023 Nu-Vista 800.2, Musical Fidelity‘s new flagship integrated amplifier.

The original found itself in trouble when parts began to run out. However, thanks to the extensive investment made in the Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity series, resulting in the recently-announced Nu-Vista PRE, PAS and PAM models, Musical Fidelity is able to offer a successor to the Nu-Vista 800 in the Nu-Vista 800.2 with rumours of a lower-powered 600.2 to follow.

The “Nu-Vista sound signature” passed down to the Nu-Vista 800.2 is thanks to a quartet of 6S51N nuvistor valves in its pre-amplifier stage. This stage is then connected to separate mono power amplifier stages, promising “true stereo separation and a brilliantly deep soundscape”.

The power amplifier stage has been generously rated to easily drive even the most demanding loudspeakers, with Musical Fidelity listing 330W at 8Ω, 500W at 4Ω, and 1000W at 2Ω loads.
Inspired by the iconic TITAN amplifier, the output stage couples each individual output device to its own high-current bulk supply capacitor, with the Nu-Vista 800.2 boasting an output voltage of 52V rms and output current of 20A (peak-to-peak). The power supply circuitry of the Nu-Vista 800.2 has been updated to improve overall performance. As part of this upgrade over the original model, the large, premium transformers have also been rewound to achieve lower standing flux and improved noise characteristics.

The manufacturer states that this configuration allows for more immediate access to stored energy and much lower impedance in the signal path. This, we are told results in better technical measurements and low distortion. Indeed, the 800.2’s spec sheet lists THD < 0.005% Typical (20 – 20kHz) and SNR > 107dB (A-Weighted).

In typical Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity style, the overall construction of the Nu-Vista 800.2 is uncompromisingly solid. The front and side panels are milled from extruded aluminium profiles, contributing to a chassis that effectively acts as a Faraday cage, protecting the internal circuitry from external electromagnetic fields. Additionally, the overall weight (41kg) means the chassis is resistant to other mechanical vibrations and airborne interference.

Featuring four RCA stereo inputs and one balanced XLR stereo input, the Nu-Vista 800.2 is ready to receive and handle any line-level source with absolute integrity and control. You also get fixed and variable analogue outputs alongside the impressive, bi-wirable Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity speaker binding posts.

The new model can be turned on and switched into standby using the swish aluminium remote control, and, in keeping with improved user-friendliness, a new, clear display sits between the fascia control dials, offering view options including a stylish VU-meter.

The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800.2 is available in a black or silver finish, priced at £10,999/ €11,990 (SRP). Canadian pricing to be announced later on.

Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years and we are proud to have become one of the best-known brands in the Hi-Fi industry.

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