Montreal Audiofest 2024: Roger McCuaig

Marchand Audio-Video et Villeneuve Audio

Marchand Audio-Video from the Trois-Rivières area and Villeneuve Audio of Joliette shared 2 rooms. One was dedicated to Home Entertainment and the other to Stereo systems. I did a tour of the rooms with David Berthelot of Marchand Audio-Video.

The Home Entertainment Room was more like a small movie theatre (with better sound). The 7.4.4 system (that’s 4 subs and 4ceiling speakers) was built around the Anthem AVM-90 audio-video processor. The system was running 15 channels of amplification out of 5 amplifiers. All the loudspeakers used were from the Golden Ear Reference series.

The overall sound was, as you can imagine, very big, but at the same time it was always under control, tight and fast. For those who are counting, the price tag runs around $100k.

Moving over to the Stereo Room, the first thing one sees walking into the room is a pair of Acapella Audio Arts loudspeakers with an Advance Paris MyConnect 250 amp. That will pique anyone’s interest!

There were several systems setup in this room ranging from a small, all Gold Note, system for under $10k to Luxman electronics connected to Fyne Vintage series loudspeakers. There may not be anywhere else in Quebec where you can hear the Fyne Vintage series loudspeakers in a showroom! The Luxman system featured the first ever Network Transport from Luxman, the NT-07.

Another system had the Fyne Classic loudspeakers matched with Canor electronics. The Classic loudspeakers have the vintage speaker look that has become popular recently and, with the thick material covers on, some of the vintage sound too. David explained that they have a more modern sound with the covers removed.

Another interesting combination was the LAB-12 model Integre4-MK2 integrated amplifier and DAC with the Audiovector QR-1-SE loudspeakers. The integrated amp will take a variety of tubes and comes from the factory with KT170 tubes installed. The analog section of the LAB-12 DAC1 is also tubed so you get an all-tube system for under $15k.

I recently enjoyed testing the Advance Paris MyConnect 250 and was thus interested to see an Advance Paris / Autovector system here. In this case the big guns were brought out with the top-of-the-line X-P1200 dual-mono preamp and the X-A160EVO power amp. Matched with the elegant, piano black Audiovector QR-7-SE loudspeakers, the sound of this system was very impressive.

There was also a system composed of components from the increasingly popular Fezz Audio from Poland. This included the Equinox tube DAC, a Sagita preamp and the Titania 2 x 45 W, KT88 power amp coupled with Audiovector QR3-SE loudspeakers.

There was something for every taste and every budget on display here which had me wishing that I could have spent more time listening to everything.

More to come soon…