Montréal Audiofest 2024: Michel Dallaire (suite)


The large Wesmount 5 hall was booked in collaboration with three Canadian manufacturers: Eon Art, Gershman Acoustics and Oracle. A new version of Gershman AcousticsBlack Swan loudspeaker could be heard.

The two loudspeakers were each connected to a Boson monophonic integrated amplifier from Eon Art. The analog source was an Oracle Reference MK VI turntable.

Other products from these manufacturers were on static display, including the new Quark SE amplifier topped by an Oracle CD 2500 turntable. A picture shows the power supply circuits used on Eon Art devices.



Erikson Audio is a major Canadian distributor of both professional sound systems and high-fidelity retail products. Two rooms were reserved for demonstrations of well-known brands such as Arcam, Audiolab, Chord, Cyrus, JBL, Mission and Spendor.

One room featured the return of the iconic Mission 770 loudspeakers, accompanied by the legendary Cyrus electronics. In the other room, JBL 100 loudspeakers, which have also been back on the market for the past 2 years, were on display. The accompanying electronics are from JBL. These products were developed in collaboration with Arcam.

As for Chord products, entirely made in England, we presented the new Ultima integrated amplifier, which should be the talk of the town in the months to come.



This Montreal boutique had rented out a suite to display a multitude of the products it carries. The main attraction was a chain of new MOON North electronics powering a magnificent pair of R8 Arreté loudspeakers from Danish manufacturer Audiovector.

The technical design of this loudspeaker had been thought through to the last detail, including its home-made AMT tweeter. All copper parts and internal wiring have been cryogenically treated to ensure the best possible conductivity. The finish and build quality are superlative.

On static display was a superb Transrotor Max turntable on an audio cabinet made by Rimouski’s Atelier Canopée.

To be followed…