HIGH END Munich 2023 Show Report – Part Two

Constellation Audio put together a striking setup that was fronted by a pair of Wilson Alexx V loudspeakers (approx. $150,000 U.S.) flanking a single but massive Constellation Hercules II Stereo amplifier ($125,000 U.S.) from their Reference Product Series.

A quiet and appreciative group of patrons sat silently taking in the music of Marta Gomez & Andres Rotmistrovsky, played from a 2019 Newvelle Records (NVM005) vinyl issue. The sound was absolutely delicious, with a well composed, taught and textures while combining warmth with delicate detail, played on a Tech DAS Airforce III turntable.

Handling the phono signal was a Constellation Andromeda phono preamp that was playing into a Virgo III preamplifier ($43,000 U.S.). Though I didn’t stay for a digital demonstration, I was told that a DCS Rossini with clock was being used. The rack the equipment was sitting on was by Artesania Audio.

T+A Electroakustik
was displaying their new R 2500 R Multi Source Receiver (€ 14,500) that is set for release in Autumn 2023. This new component provides immense functionality within a compact and austere package, including a streamer that handles streaming services but also Connect and AirPlay services, and even…DSD streaming. With 3 x analogue and 3 x HDMI inputs, a USB DAC input and a CD transport, it provides great functionality.

was also showing off their all new Solitare S loudspeaker collection that includes 3 models, from largest to smallest: S 540 ($55k U.S.); S 530 ($45k U.S.) and; S 430 ($29k U.S. / pair).

The system being demonstrated was fronted by a pair of Solitaire S 540 loudspeakers that pairs their 85 mm long Mag850 tweeter with 7 mid drivers and 4 bass drivers per speaker. A pair of M40HV monoblock amplifiers (€24k) were controlled an all-new PSD 3100HV Pre-Amplifier-Streaming-DAC (€16,500) with a PDT 3100 HV Reference CD / SACD Transport and G 2000 R Turntable (€7,900), as sources.

Violins playing sounded open and airy with the texture of the bows across the strings vividly revealed. On Sam McClain’s Take Five, the sound was delicate and detailed with controlled and solid bass.

Perlisten Audio
Perlisten Audio
is a brand of speakers that seems to be getting some attention lately. It’s a rather new brand but seems to do a great job in marketing its brand and products. At the show, I met Lars Johansen, CSO and Partner, at Perlisten. He told me about their Model S7t Tower loudspeaker that employs their DPC-Array to maximize integration of mid / high frequencies and uses a 28 mm Beryllium dome tweeter, along with a pair of TPCD domes. The S7t sells for between $18k and $20k U.S. and is the company’s lead product. Also shown is their S5m bookshelf speaker in Ebony High Gloss.

The S-Series from Perlisten is the first consumer product to receive a THX Dominus certification – the highest rating, and applies to their in-wall speakers, as well. Perlisten was also demonstrating their all-new S7t Limited Edition loudspeaker (sold out) that employs an upgraded carbon fiber body and solid aluminum front baffle, all hand-made in the U.S. for $30k U.S. / pair and limited to 50 pairs – unfortunately, in all the excitement and clamour around the product I did not get a viable pic. A short demo of this speaker with a D’Agostino Momentum integrated produced amazing bass slam and room filling smooth sound.

PART 3: (to come soon)