Final Audio, back in Canada

Final Audio is a Dutch manufacturer specializing in electrostatic loudspeakers since 1989. The company was founded by the brothers Maartin and Michiel Smits, two specialists who developed the principle of a thin, ultra-light and conductive membrane, between two grids metal through which a current is passed. The latter attracts or pushes back the membrane in order to make it move according to the audio signal sent to it. The electrostatic principle is not new in itself and several manufacturers have adopted it for its multiple advantages in terms of sound reproduction. Final Audio products are designed and manufactured entirely in Holland.

The evolution of technology and new materials have enabled Final Audio to improve the electrostatic principle in order to eliminate its weak points. It is a known fact that old membranes required regular maintenance. The old conductive materials of these membranes were sensitive to UV rays and they undeniably attracted dust or even cigarette smoke. At a time when smokers were more numerous, we had to change more regularly the membrane of these loudspeakers affected by the wear of time. At Final Audio, we have eliminated these drawbacks with a new membrane that is insensitive to UV radiation and whose conductive layer is embedded in the membrane rather than applied to the surface. When the panels are not used for a short period, their power supply automatically turns off and turns back on as soon as an audio signal arrives at the speaker terminals. In this way, the membrane attracts less dust and is more durable over time.

Final Audio products are available in two series, including purely electrostatic models and those categorized as hybrids with a subwoofer added to the bottom of the panel. Models 7, 12 and 15 are available without a subwoofer, while hybrid models 3, 5 and 7 are equipped with a passive subwoofer. All these models can be ordered in passive or active version with the amplification integrated into the base of the panel.

Distribution will be handled by Atoll Electronics Canada.
As of this writing, availability and pricing are TBC.