REGA Couple 2 Interconnect 1.0 meter

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Rega Couple 2 Interconnect 1.0 meter

Perfect match with Rega devices. If you want an energetic and upbeat, but still nicely balanced, sound from your system, these Rega interconnects will help.

This Rega designed cable is manufactured to the highest standard to perfectly complement any audio system. Offering the perfect combination of the highest quality, pure copper signal conductor and ultra-flexible outer shield, the Couple2 maximises signal transfer whilst providing uniquely high levels of quality and performance.

The Couple2 utilises purpose Rega designed, gold plated phono plugs. The signal pin and screening clamp are joint free by design, keeping the music signal pure.

The plugs employ an outer locking sleeve to clamp to your amplifier phono sockets. Simply loosen off the silver sleeve before fitting then tighten once connected to maximise contact and performance.

Length : 1m
Phono plugs : Gold plated phono plugs
Wire : Multi strand highest quality pure copper wire

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