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The G-Spec Audio adventure started in 2017 after my father, a hi-fi enthusiastic for the last 50 years, asked me, a mechanical engineer, to find a solution to his power cable problems.
The weight of his newly acquired a/c cable was just too much for the power outlet he had bought and the plug was sitting a bit crooked inside connectors, adding more stress on connectors not designed to bare that kind of weight.
After buying a few products not really solving the problem we decided to build our own. 15 prototypes later, we believe we found the perfect solution that blends stability, quality, look and functionality. Take a look at the Power Lock and be a part of this fabulous father and son adventure in the hi-fi world.
We pride ourselves with the quality and the functionality, the assembly and the surface finish of our products. Every detail has been looked as to provide the best solution for you.
We are based in Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, Canada. Most of the manufacturing is done locally, but we source parts from all over North America.
With a meticulous level of quality insurance, when you buy a product from us, rest assure that it’s been checked and re-checked so that every product going out our door is as good as the first one that we sold.
Thanks for visiting us and feel free to contact us!

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