Nagaoka Jeweltone JT80LB Lapis Blue … lightly used on my Rega Planar 6

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Avec boite originale

Vends ma cartouche moving magnet qui est en surplus pour moi. Très beau son. Usage modéré.

Vends pour moins de la moitié du prix payé. Je suis le 1er acheteur.



Selling one extra cartridge that i have. Used on and off for less than 8 months, still has a lot of life.

This was purchased new last summer at a local dealer here in Montreal.

I have a couple of much more expensive low output moving coil cartridges that I prefer, so this one is up for grabs. Plenty of info on the web.

Selling for less than half what i paid for.


(Better call …not sure that the emails are working well on this site. )

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18 septembre 2023 15 h 26 min

19 jours, 11 heures