Gustard X16 DAC

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box, remote
Only local sale in Montreal.

Only local sale in Montreal.

Gustard x16 in mint condition. Few time only used to check if it is Ok.
I have to sale it because I couldn’t sale my old DAC, so I can’t keep the both.

Functions and features:

1. Use two ESS company ES9068AS digital to analog conversion chips.

2. USB uses XMOS’s xCORE-200 series 16 core XU216 processor, supports native DSD and 32 bit PCM.

3. Use 2 American ACCUSILICON femtosecond crystal oscillators as the global master clock.

4. The digital processing system uses Intel’s ALTERA’s large high speed CPLD logic array chip.

5. USB supports MQA full expansion decoding. C0AX/ AES/OPT/IIS supports MQA hardware rendering. Automatically recognize and render the MQA digital stream after the first level is expanded.

6. Highly recognizable white light OLED display,simple user interface, full-function remote control.

7. High-quality toroidal transformer, multiple sets of linear voltage regulators, and TI high-current ultra-low noise LDO chips used in key parts.

8. 0PA1612A high-performance operational amplifier composes analog circuit.

9. VISHAY MELF high-precision low-temperature drift resistance is used in the key part of the analog circuit part.

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4 février 2023 14 h 27 min

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