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At the heart of this cable is Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper. Copper purity is 99.9999% (6N) and a special annealing process is used which creates an ultra smooth surface.

Cable Geometry: The conductor bundle consists of three 11 AWG OCC copper conductors encased in an irradiated polyethylene dielectric.
Covering: The cable jacket is a high-elasticity synthetic rubber with a very low dielectric value. A carbon shield is used for vibration and static control. Stillpoints ERS© is also used to further shield from the effects of EMI and RFI noise. The cable is finished with Techflex expandable sleeving.

Connectors: Furutech Gold-Plated FI-11M male plug and FI-15E IEC come as standard connectors.

A custom 303 Stainless Steel shell replaces the Furutech plastic shell on the FI-11M male plug to provide additional shielding and to further minimize the effects of vibration. The FI-15E plug has the best (snuggest) fit of any IEC on the market.

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