8ft pair Canare 4S11 – Speaker Cables with Audioquest banana plugs

120.00 $

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8ft Canare 4s11 Star-Quad speaker cables. 11AWG (2x14awg) per pole. PRICE IS FOR A PAIR.

– These cables are among, if not the best performance/price speaker cables available. They are priced at 15% less than the Blue Jeans Cable’s 8ft pair of 4s11’s (120.00 vs 139.00$) which are themselves considered to be among the best performance/price cables on the market. My version uses high quality Audioquest beryllium-copper banana plugs and are finished with high quality Panduit heat shrink and available in various colors.


CANARE 4S11 Star-Quad: One of the most popular cables ever. A favorite of music studios, DIYers, and audiophiles for over 20 years. And with good reason:

– Despite being a 11awg cable, it’s very flexible and easy to work with.

– The Star-Quad configuration eliminates virtually all EMI interference. Every conductor being located the same distance from the center, the opposing magnetic fields are cancelled out.

– Excellent frequency response due to low capacitance and resistance. It also has appreciably lower inductance than standard 10 or 12AWG cable. The 4s11 measures well in all critical metrics which directly affect cable performance.

-Besides BJC, many other HiFi manufacturers use or recommend the 4s11, including Benchmark (famous for their DACs):
“…the star-quad configuration reduces magnetic radiation and interference by about 20 dB, making this cable superior to 2-conductor cables.” -benchmarkmedia.com

– Very sturdy built. Made in Japan

GENUINE AUDIOQUEST beryllium-copper gold plated spades:

Silver plated also available. It’s almost impossible finding pure copper banana. Copper is too soft a metal and would loose its grip in no time. Just about every affordable plugs that claim to be copper, or even brass on Ebay or Amazon (ex: Nakamichi), are in fact copper alloys, which means they’re a blend of metals that contains some copper, often in very small amounts. They’re mostly cheap ferrous metals, which are horrible for audio purposes. Test them yourself with a magnet. Brass and copper SHOULD NOT be affected by it.
Your best bet in bananas is brass or beryllium-copper, which is often used in high-end cables. An example is the very popular Multi-Contact LS4 plug. I choose the Audioquest simply because it’s preferable not to use solder.


75.00$ pair (8ft) – With generic BFA banana plugs. Although a generic copper alloy, these are well built and offer a very tight fit and large surface contact.

80.00$ pair (8ft) – Genuine Audioquest spade for a 100% pure copper cable at a fantastic price. Gold or silver plating.

80.00$ pair (8ft) – Vampire pure copper spades. No plating.

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