As the hi-end headphone and headphone amplifier market continues to grow steadily and following the recent success of the new HP-A4, USB DAC Headphone Amplifier, Fostex is pleased to launch the new HP-V1 portable headphone amplifier.

Featuring a vacuum tube on the primary stage amplifier and the Fostex custom made capacitor delivering richly textured sound reproduction from any type of audio source, never achieved by any other vacuum tube amplifier.

In Detail
• Headphone amplifier adopting a vacuum tube (6N16B-Q) on the primary stage
and OPAMP on the secondary stage (no DAC built in).
Easy-to-carry light weight and robust aluminum chassis
• 2 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack inputs on Front (priority) and Rear to fit
to any type of player unit.
• The coupling capacitors consist of Fostex’ original large film capacitor
and electrolytic capacitor, which were designed based on the Fostex’s
hi-fi speaker engineering.
• Comes with 100mm high quality “HiFC”* stereo mini cable as standard.
• Hi/Lo Gain switch to drive various type of headphones.
• Approx. 10 hours continuous operation from the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

*HiFC is 6N equivalent copper material developed by Hitachi Metals.  “HiFC” is a registered
trade mark of Hitachi Metals.

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