Founded in 1977, Burmester Audiosysteme keep their philosophy of creating the perfect combination between substantial sound, technological innovation and timeless design.

Showcased during CES 2011, the Top Line series such as 089 belt-drive CD player – a Burmester original implementation to reduce sound-distorting phase jitter, 088 pre-amp, Phono Preamp 100 and the “Golden Ear Award winning 911 MK3 power amplifier.


Manufacturer of specialized cables and vibration reduction pads showcased their next generation of cables ranging from AC cables, interconnects, speaker wires extensively using Bincho-tan (White Charcoal) which emits negative ion, absorb RFI and EMI, and reduce moisture that can oxidize the copper.  The result?  An audible and visible difference in sound and picture quality, especially when you don’t have a dedicated AC line just for your audio video system.

The NotePad2 utilize specially formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel reduces speaker-cabinet so effectively, you can hear the difference between having the pad on the speaker cabinet and off.

Oracle Audio

Marking their 30th anniversary, Oracle released the Delphi MkVI turntable.  Using the Micro Vibration Stabilizer System, considered to be the most accurate and efficient vibration control system ever built on a turntable, it allows a perfect fine tuning of the  of the suspension calibration by precisely dampening its action.

Also showcased is the CD2500 MkIII utilizes a similar suspension system used by the Delphi MkVI turntable to control unwanted vibration resulting in the clearest digital signal.

Last but not least:  Paris turntable, available in multiple colours (shown here in red), although not a Delphi MkVI by any means, the Paris meets in every aspects all the critical issues addressed with the MkVI.  Features includes adjustable feet system, Sorbothane decoupling, 2-piece acrylic / aluminum platter system, Delrin record clamp.

Photos David Susilo