World first: IsoAcoustics demonstrate elevated sound…

…to the public in unique audio isolation experiment
In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video released today, IsoAcoustics showcases the benefits of audio isolation in the world’s first isolation demonstration with members of the public.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video released today, IsoAcoustics showcases the benefits of audio isolation in the world’s first isolation demonstration with members of the public.

Markham, Ontario: IsoAcoustics, the Canadian isolation specialists, recently recorded a unique demonstration of their GAIA Isolators with the aim of showcasing its unrivalled ability to improve audio equipment in any environment. The video captures the behind-the-scenes setup for the A/B demonstration and the listeners’ reactions to the stark sonic differences between the audio with and without the attachment of the GAIA Isolators.

IsoAcoustics arranged the demonstration involving a pool of twenty-one random participants, ranging from Hi-Fi enthusiasts to those with no prior knowledge of high-end audio. The participants were not aware of the nature of the demonstration, set up, or the products involved; enabling them to make their own judgment about what they were hearing. 

Dave Morrison, Founder of IsoAcoustics, commented: “This exercise was an excellent opportunity to bring together a random mix of people to capture their feedback, comments and reactions in a very comfortable listening environment.

“We wanted to reach beyond the hard-core audiophiles to demonstrate that everyone can enjoy the acoustic benefits of our products, and the overwhelmingly positive response shows we achieved exactly that.”

Twenty out of twenty-one participants preferred the sound from the speakers with the GAIA Isolators, noting the substantial improvements in clarity and openness that was obvious to those with decades of experience, as well as to the untrained ear.

The set-up for the demonstration involved high-resolution music streamed on the Naim Uniti Star and amplified by the Naim SuperNait 3 through two pairs of identical Focal Sopra N2 speakers. The pair of Focal speakers positioned on the left side were sitting on spikes, whereas the same pair of speakers positioned on the right were using IsoAcoustics GAIA isolators.

Each speaker was positioned the same distance away from the participant and was pointed towards the listener at the same angle while both sets were equal distance apart using the same components. Only the host and the participant were in the room and the cameras were subtly positioned at a significant distance from the demonstration.

Focal Naim America supplied the speakers and amplifier for this demonstration and have a direct relationship with IsoAcoustics as their official distributor in the region.

Romain Vet, Vice President at Focal Naim America, added: “I have heard the demo with the GAIA’s myself numerous times and it never fails, regardless of the speaker make or model. The GAIA isolators complement and enhance speakers, and we were glad we could be part of this listening test
Incorporating IsoAcoustics patented design principles, the GAIA series provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations to maintain alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections from the hard-supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness. 

The multi-award-winning GAIA Isolators are part of the impressive range of IsoAcoustics products that deliver pure isolation of audio equipment and vastly improve audio quality in all environments.

Dave Morrison and the IsoAcoustics team are attending AXPONA April 22-24
at Utopia B.
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