TAF 2021 – Totem Acoustic – Sutton A

Photo: Renato Rossi
For the Toronto Audio Fest 2021, Totem Acoustic was launching the KIN Force multi-channel soundbar at a suggested retail price of under $2,000 CAD.

The Kin Play Sound Bar is a 3-channel on-wall LCR (Left, Centre, Right channel) with a slim profile soundbar consisting of 6 (2 per channel) 4-inch MHEX woofers and 3 x 1-Titanium Infused Soft Dome tweeters (again, one per channel). Its back panel offers 3 pairs of gold-plated binding posts (banana jacks). A rugged mounting bracket holds the speaker bar securely in a vertical or horizontal position.

Sized to fil 55-inch screens and larger, it is sold with a mall mounting system as well as sound isolation feet. This multi-channel magic soundbar is available in black and white satin with matching magnetic grills and is ported for remarkable low frequency ability.

This latest offering from Totem is rated for amplifiers with 20 to 125 Watts per channel of output power and has a frequency response of 57 Hz – 21 kHz (+- 3 dB) and comes in at a surprisingly low 24.5 pounds.

And as always, Totem recommends you visit your local authorized dealer to experience this gem for yourself.