Toronto, the beginning of a new dream (part 3)

American Sound

Photo: Renato Rossi 
American Sound
in the Mayfair room were debuting the Estelon Forza speaker for the first time (shown in Gloss Black, one of 5 available finishes) – retail pricing set at $145 000 (U.S.). These elegant monoliths stand at 66 inches tall, and weigh in at 330 pounds each (not surprising considering they are constructed of a marble based composite), and include 2 x 11 inch CELL Alunminium Sandwich Accuton woofers, an 8 inch Accuton mid-woofer, a 7 inch Ceramic Accuton midrange speaker and a 1 inch CELL Accuton diamond tweeter, all in a passive sealed speaker design.

These were energized by a Boulder amplifier the Model 2160, which is also being shown for the first time. This behemoth is a Class A power amplifier at full rated power of 600 Watts per channel. Control of this system was assigned to the VAC Statement top of the line tube pre-amplifier.

Source components were the Wadax Reference Streamer and the Reference DA converter. These components offer full modular construction which allows for future of updates of key circuitry blocks. Even the power supplies are completely separate for the left and right channels! The specs to these units need to be seen to be believed.

Serious hardware is required to hold these components and that job fell to VXR Series from HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) platforms and frames. Completing the system was cabling from Transparent Audio.

Also on display was the Avant Garde speakers from Germany. Most of the distinctive horn speaker line was shown at the Toronto Audio Fest, and these were sharing the spotlight along with the Franco Serblin Italian speaker lineup.

American Sound was also showing some of Esoteric Audio’s electronics along with Sutherland phono stages.