Toronto, the beginning of a new dream (part 2)

MartinLogan – Carlton Room

Justin Brown from MartinLogan was offering the debut of the Statement speaker system – the largest in the new Masterpiece CI series – what they call the pinnacle of discreet in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker design. The Carlton rom displayed the Statement 40XW model, which is comprised of eight 6.5-inches bass drivers, 16 carbon fiber mid-range drivers and 16 forward-motion tweeters in an on-wall configuration. So, it’s sort of a hybrid design that you can choose between: an on-wall or an in-wall installation. It’s the same price whether you go with on-wall or in-wall, and that is $29,000 Canadian each. You choose at the time of your installation, whether you’re going with the on-wall or the in-wall.

For in-wall configuration, you need to have your walls studded for it to fit in a single stud bay. And then, you need the stud bay to the left and to the right of the speaker for the fibre-rock board, which basically installs around it. The 40XW is a full-line array with the 16 tweeters positioned in such a way to completely eliminate interaction with the floor and ceiling, and getting very little loss, so as the listeners gets further back from the speaker, they won’t get that loss of output-like what you would with a traditional speaker.

There is an aluminium faceplate on the speaker array, hiding the front baffle made of a phenolic compound which is an extremely dense and rigid material – kind of like a billiard ball – so if you were to do a standard knock test on a speaker cabinet made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and then do that same knock test on a billiard ball, you would get a good idea of how dense that front baffle actually is, so you really do not have to worry about any kind of resonance at all from the baffle – it is completely acoustically inert.

But that technology is not reserved for the $29,000 (each Cdn), that same technology can be found in the monument 7XW ($6,000 each) and the Tribute 5XW ($4,000 each), the Icon 3XW and even the Sistine 4XC in-ceiling models ($2,500 each) – but on a smaller scale.

Also shown in the room, is a pair of the Dynamo 6500 15-inch sealed subwoofers. These are actually convertible from forward-firing to down-firing configuration – whichever is best suited to your room – with no tools needed. They come with a full on-board App control (using a smartphone or tablet) allowing you to control volume, crossover and phase. During the setup of the subwoofer, all adjustments are made from the listening position as you are listening to the music, so you are hearing whatever changes you are making to the subwoofer in real time, making it easier to dial it in without having to run back and forth from the sub to your listening position. They incorporate an Anthem™ Room Correction system for dialing in the sound for any space.