Toronto Audio Fest 2018 Report part three

Audio Note America, the distributor for these products in North America, made the trip to Toronto with a fully Audio Note audio system with such a natural sound that leaves us somewhat astonished. This included the fabulous Jinro integrated amplifier, the DAC-21 Signature N/A converter and the CDT-ONE / II transport. All this beautiful equipment was driving the Audio Note TYPE E ALNICO loudspeakers. All the cables were obviously from Audio Note. The demonstration included cellist Vincent Bélanger who played with the system. This demo, which was most convincing, brings us elsewhere in terms of realism and natural: inspired and inspiring. Few audio systems are capable of such a level of similarities and this one has literally bewitched the Toronto audience. Bravo!

The Monitor Audio went all out with a surprising demonstration by its irreproachable rendering. An album by Phil Collins was playing on a Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus turntable with the Roksan arm called Pug Arm. It is equipped with a Roksan Shiraz cartridge that was supported by a Roksan Caspian phono stage. A Roksan K3 amplifier, a Roksan K3 CD player and a Roksan K3 DAC completed the electronics of this system. The Monitor Audio Studio loudspeakers had the honor of filling this chamber of music with a dreadful coherence and an almost magical way of practically disappearing. My love story with this little pair of loudspeakers continues. Indeed, having had them on the test bench this summer, I found this signature that few loudspeakers under the bar of $2,000 can offer. With this Roksan audio system, the integration of these two manufacturers continues for the delight of audiophiles.

Nordost, the well-known cable manufacturer, demonstrated a MOON audio system with Vivid Audio loudspeakers. As usual, we had pretty convincing demonstrations of their different support products, especially when they are removed from the system and put back afterwards. Pretty amazing, how a simple cone under a DAC can transform the sound. All the wiring, absolutely everything, was in Nordost Valhalla! The power bars and all Q series products were plugged in to help make the sound as tigth as possible. A HiFi sound system, with resolution and exceptional clarity, which was greatly appreciated by the public.

Solen, distributor of loudspeaker components, speakers and various electronics, was present at the Toronto Audio Fest 2018. Solen has been a Bryston retailer for some time now. It was a great opportunity for the company to present a complete system, signed Bryston. Accompanied by a pair of home-made loudspeakers, it consisted of a Bryston BDA-2 DAC, a Bryston BP-17 preamplifier and a pair of Bryston 7-B3 mono blocks. The featured home-made loudspeakers were equipped with a pair of Dayton Audio woofers and a Wavecor tweeter, all in Apolito configuration. The sound of this pair of loudspeakers amazed me, thanks to a consistent and super well-integrated sound reproduction. A beautiful pair of loudspeakers: refined, transparent and with a quality almost unbeatable for the price, especially if you choose the unassembled kit. We’ll talk about it again in a future issue of mag@zine TED.