Toronto Audio Fest 2018 report part 4

Audiogen High End
is an ultra-premium audio components retailer located in Toronto. Audiogen had a very high level audio system that was close to $200,000. For the source, Audiogen chose Nagra CDC and Nagra HD DAC. In terms of amplification, Audiogen had chosen the Lamm LL2.1 preamplifier and the Lamm M1.2 mono blocks. As long as you’re there … why not go with the all-new Egglestonworks Viginti? Perfect! Oh yes, do not forget to season it all with a complete set of cables from Crystal Cables, nothing less … We now have the perfect recipe for a dream audio system. And it just sounded like a dream, with disarming ease to make the most of any recording. Endowed with an extraordinary agility, Egglestonworks Viginti loudspeakers dazzled me. I know it’s expensive for an Hi-Fi audio system, but it’s also a show. This is the opportunity in his life to hear what the industry does best. Without a doubt, the best sound I’ve heard at the Toronto Audio Show 2018. I still have the sound in my ears and it haunts my nights.

* * * *

Angie Lisi, a businesswoman and owner of American Sound of Canada, a high-fidelity audio distribution company, was very pleased and proud to welcome visitors to the Toronto Audio Fest 2018 with high-end audio systems. It included the following products: Avantgarde Duo XD loudspeakers, VAC electronics, dCS DAC and Aurender music server. The musical reproduction was such that one wanted to sit and listen to one song after another and so on … no auditory fatigue, only music of remarkable quality.

This lady knows how to recognize quality audio products, because she has a lot of experience and has a hearing that knows how to discover that products out of the ordinary, it goes without saying.

* * * *

Plurison, the largest distributor of audio products in Canada was obviously present at the Toronto Audio Fest 2018 with a large room arranged in many small spaces, each one more interesting than the other. Several new products were introduced, including the famous Cambridge Audio models from the Edge series. The presentation was completely static and I awarded them my first prize in the category I would have liked it to be connected! We will probably have to wait for the Montreal Audio Show to listen to them. You will need to wait in order to see their look in person, the finish is amazing as is the packaging.

Plurison also introduced the new Focal Kanta No.1 loudspeakers, connected with the Naim Uniti Atom, they definitely inherited the tone of Kanta No.2 and we are delighted about this. At Naim, it’s really the NDX2 that caught my eye, the new network drive has now adopted the same computing platform as the Uniti series devices, a huge improvement at every level, and what a great display!

The Plurison team took care of arranging the largest demonstration room by treating it with many panels from Vicoustic. This company manufactures acoustic treatment products that brings a real plus to your music room, audiophiles would do well to be interested because the return in terms of sound quality is really worth the cost.

And for Cocktail Audio, a little product caught my attention, the X14. Nice!, A $1,195 All in One unit with a great display and Roon-ready, all you have to do is connect your loudspeakers. I love this kind of product and I have already applied for a product review, to be followed …