Partners with Texas Instruments

TORONTO, CANADA. ( June – 2009) Optoma Technology, Inc., one of the worlds’ largest manufacturers of front projection products for data and home theater markets, announced it is partnering with Texas Instruments to launch a new series of 3D enabled projectors during the second half of 2009.  Utilizing Texas Instruments’ DLP® technologies, Optoma’s new projectors will enable 3D imagery from a single projector, driving greater cost efficiency, easier installation and usage.

“3D has always been the future for display products, and it is definitively here,” said Jon Grodem, Director of Product and Marketing for Optoma.  “The simplicity, economy and quality of the Texas Instruments’ solution for 3D has already been proven in the commercial digital cinema markets. We are taking this and applying it to every day, real world applications.”

“We see an increasing need and usage for 3D video, especially in education and training applications.  Through our partnership with Texas Instruments and the adoption of these new technologies, we are future-proofing our products for the coming generations of instructional, interactive and entertainment content.”

According to Grodem, the 3D projectors produce enhanced dimensional viewing with specially produced 3D content aided by polarized glasses.

“3D delivers more experiential and dynamic learning,” said Grodem, “and Optoma’s lineup of 3D ready projectors ensures you can take advantage of the remarkable applications for education, training, and simulation, from medicine to mechanics and much more now and in the future.”

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