The year 2012 has terminated in beauty, let’s welcome the new year 2013 with boldness as it will be filled with new challenges which we will need to face with courage and perseverance. Sometimes we will need to reinvent, to distinguish and to surpass ourselves. After-sale service, product quality and customer welcome will become the crucial points of success. In the Electronics sector, pertinent information without any conflicts of interest or biases will become a guarantee of loyalty so searched by the consumers. New technologies are turning up at the horizon; the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas will be as usual a spring-board and following this event, we will see the evolution and the direction which the electronics market is heading for.

TED Magazine will continue its mission of innovation while keeping as a target its local products and market. For us, it is without a doubt our main reason of existence. We are placing our confidence in our craftsmen, who for a long time with their passion, sacrifices and relentlessness, have guided us into this marvellous world of musical and visual (home theatre) high quality reproduction.

To our readers, clients and friends, please accept our best wishes for a new year filled with health and well-being from the whole team of TED Magazine. We thank you all for welcoming us into your homes and this, for the past 20 years already.

Franco Moggia, President & Founder of TED Magazine