Brings a True Professional Level Audio Into the Home Environment

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) – Antelope Audio introduces its Zodiac High-Definition 192 kHz USB D/A converter, which brings professional level audio to your living room at the attractive price.

Music afectionados can enjoy Antelope’s 64-bit clocking technology considered a golden standard for recording studios. The 64-bit algorithm implements Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Jitter Management, which are the two critical components invented by Antelope to improve audio quality via clocking.

The unique 64-bit clocking technology employed in Zodiac is the same we use in our pro audio equipment for clients such as Warner Brothers, Universal Audio and Sony Music, Igor Levin, Antelope Audio CEO said. I am excited that with the new Zodiac we are giving music lovers the opportunity to experience the depth, definition and warmth previously only available to Grammy-winning mastering engineers like Bernie Grundman and Michael Brauer, Levin added.

The multiple Grammy-winner Brian Vibberts shared, “One of the most exiting things is that people listening to the music at home are using the same exact system for playback that I am using. So, they can hear it exactly, how I am hearing it when I am actually moving the faders and making all those small decisions in the mix. I really think that’s very exciting. I love that!”

❝ hey can hear it exactly, how I am hearing it when I am actually
moving the faders and making all those small decisions in the mix.
I really think that’s very exciting. I love that! ❞

The sampling rate of up to 192 kHz and 129dB Dynamic Range position the new Zodiac among devices in considerably higher price range. The DAC features 2 x S/PDIF, 2 x Optical inputs, Balanced & Unbalanced Analog outputs and a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity through a custom USB chip, working with native drivers. The proprietary USB chip allows a rapid multi-platform plug and play, requiring no drivers installation for OS X, Windows and Linux.

In addition, the users can download a free Zodiac Control Panel, which is the first desktop applications for a USB DAC. The app is available for OS X, Windows and Linux and allows remote control of the device and a one-click firmware update.

A year ago Antelope Audio launched the Integrity Line of USB DACs, starting with the 192 kHz Zodiac+ and followed by the unprecedented 384 kHz Zodiac Gold in December 2010. The company is now completing the range with the most affordable product yet, allowing a much broader number of music lovers to enjoy the finest quality audio.

About Antelope Audio
Antelope Audio is the brainchild of Igor Levin, renowned creator of the legendary AardSync and a number of innovations in digital audio and synchronization technology.

In 2004, Igor created Antelope Audio, with the goal to take audio recording and music appreciation to the next level. The company is dedicated to helping people achieve high-quality audio both in recording studios and the home environment.
Antelope Audio pioneered the adoption of the Atomic clocking in Audio Master Clocks. The proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology together with the unique Oven control are considered to be the golden standard for professional mastering studios.

Antelope Audio has two product lines. Integrity Line is the line of Zodiac USB DACs, targeting both audiophiles and professionals. Isochrone Line offers high-end master clocks and sync generators for audio and video applications