26 novembre THE LOST FINGERS cut

…and some oversize underpants?

Gypsy Jazz trio “The Lost Fingers” just celebrated their 20th country visited in their relatively brief five year history together. Alex Morissette (backing vocals, double bass), Dr. Christian Roberge (lead vocals, guitar) and Byron “Maiden” Mikaloff (backing vocals, guitar) met at the conservatory of music in Quebec City, found their sound in gypsy jazz, their niche in re-arranging some classic hits from the hyper-happy decade of the 80’s and fans all over the world on several continents.

Byron dropped by the Radial offices recently while in town for a show before heading back for some tour dates in eastern Canada. Also a part-time DJ (Byron Maiden – get it?) lives up to the sense of humour The Lost Fingers are known for – initially explaining that his mother gave him the middle name “Maiden” because she was a metal head. “People really appreciate our musicianship and sense of humour and concepts. We’re like a musical Monty Python. They laugh, cheer and sometimes get up on the stage moonwalk and finish it with a backflip into the audience!”

There’s no denying that the 80’s are firmly in fashion right now and The Lost Fingers go that much further to bring in a fresh approach. “I really enjoy playing our version of “Pump Up the Jam” and AC/DC’s “You Shook me All Night Long” because we’ve transformed these songs so much it’s like we wrote them. People around the world play our versions note for note which makes us proud because we are educating and influencing people through our Gyspy-Jazz-Pop-Infused music. We give kids something to latch on to and it’s called pop culture. That opens the door for them into the world of Gypsy-Jazz.”

The Lost Fingers audiences also appear to have a great sense of humour and Byron suggests their most enthusiastic crowds thus far have been in Spain, the Ukraine and…Nelson, British Columbia (Canada).  “In early 2011, a rather large woman threw her panties on stage which were strangely already signed…haha premeditated seduction technique or contemporary art, your call? The audience laughed as she had stripped down on the dance floor to take them off! I kept them and showed them to every crowd we played for in 2011-2012. Our crowds always had a good giggle.  On our last 2012 Canadian tour which brought us from coast to coast we stopped in Nelson, told the story and threw the underwear back in the jazzed up excited crowd!  Some crazy girl put them on and continued to dance on the dance floor. Nelson, British Columbia is definitely the craziest place to play in Canada…hahaha!”

There is a serious side to these upbeat, foot tap inspiring musicians. They take their gear very seriously, touring with the Radial PZ-Pre (Combination PZ booster and preamp) , PZ  Deluxe (Acoustic preamp and direct box) and the Radial PZ-DI (Orchestral Instrument DI). “They have cleaned up and purified our sound in such an organic way! Radial equals quality, comfort and on stage orgasmic pleasure!”

The Lost Fingers will tour Europe and North America in 2013.

For more information on the PZ-DI, PZ Deluxe and PZ Pre.

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