TED mag@zine is looking for free-lance writers!

TED mag@zine is looking to broaden its writers team who cooperates to the magazine’ contents. If audio/video and writing interest you, please submit your application by sending us your CV and coordinates at: redaction@quebecaudio.com.

No telephone inquiries will be answered on this subject.

TEDpublications.com/en and mag@zine TED’s web sites already have a fairly strong number of anglophone followers as well as francophone but we wish to keep adding English contents on a more regular basis. Therefore, candidates must be totally fluent in English and be excellent at expressing their thoughts in English through writing. This is a new and exciting venture for our team.

TED mag@zine (both Web pages and magazine) contain articles dealing with different subjects, amongst which :

  • analogue audio equipment
  • digital audio and video equipment
  • home automation/integration products within home decor
  • interviews with artists
  • new product short write-ups
  • audio/video retailers or trade events
  • interviews with industry noteworthy figures
  • music critics (jazz, blues, classical and rock music)
  • wine and alcohol critics
  • mechanical watch write-ups.

Please quickly submit your coordinates and application!

Hoping to hear from you real soon!