TAF 2021 – Motet Distribution

Motet Distribution had a great presence at the Toronto Audio Fest 2021 as they brought a full complement of their products as offered by multiple vendors.

The product range includes Triangle, Auris, iFi, Volumio, Analog Acoustics, XLO Cable, Accuphase Electronics, PMC Speakers, Modulum Stands, Isolation platforms and pods, Auris Electronics, Music Hall turntables, and VTL electronics.

Along with their product lines, Motet brought some special guests including Dave Frost from PMC Speakers, Roy Hall from Music Hall, Milomir Trosic from Auris to share their knowledge and technical expertise as well as to discuss their products with the many visitors to the various booths.

In the Bristol-B room, Motet Distribution presented PMC Fenestria 3-way tower speakers connected to Accuphase electronics with XLO cables, all resting on Modulum stands.

The PMC speakers are a 6-driver 3-way ported speaker featuring PMC’s patented Advance Transmission Line bass-loading technology. These are shipped disassembled and the package comes complete with all assembly hardware, comprehensive instructions, leveling disc and even a polishing cloth AND white gloves! The 75 mm soft-dome midrange driver and 19,5 mm soft-dome tweeter paired with the four 6.5-inch carbon fibre bass drivers provide a 23 Hz to 25 kHz frequency response. The deep bass is produced thanks to coupling the bass drivers to the 7.9 ft effective length advance transmission line ports. They offer 3 pairs of binding posts thereby offering the possibility of bi or tri wiring or bi and tri amplifying options.

The Accuphase electronics included a DP-570 SACD player, a C-2850 Precision Stereo Preamplifier, and an A-75 60 Watt per channel Class-A power amplifier which supports bi-amping as well as a bridged mode with 240 Watts of output at 8-Ohms (480 W @4 Ohms, 960 W @ 2 Ohms). The C-2850 is built with a full mono construction for each channel – including separate power supplies and 8-mm thick aluminum frame separating the channels and has a total of 10 inputs with 5 outputs. A slew of functions including 4 options for Moving Coil load for the phono input, individual phase settings for each input as well as a dedicated headphone amplifier.

The DP-570 SACD player includes a high-rigidity, high precision drive with quiet operation thanks to the vibration isolating viscous dampers. Its Multiple Delta Sigma (MDS+) digital to analogue converter is also available for external sources connected to the USB-B, Coaxial and Optical digital inputs. It offers both balanced XLR as well as RCA unbalanced output jacks.