TAF 2021 – Centre HiFi – North Atmosphere Room

Centre Hifi was at the Toronto Audio Fest to promote their new flagship store line that flies the Genesis banner. This newly branded division of Centre HiFi will be offering higher end electronics than their counterparts with focus on brands such as Marten Parker, T+A Electronics, Triangle and so on.

On that topic, Genesis by Centre HiFi was hosting the North American premiere of the Marten Parker Duos and Oscar Trios. The Parker Duos are a 2-way stand speaker with new custom designed drivers, in a cabinet with sleek, tapering sides created from M-board – a multi-layered material with extreme resonance reduction. The new Ceramic drivers are custom designed by Leif Olofsson with a very long linear excursion with powerful neodymium magnets. These can be upgraded to the Diamond edition featuring a diamond tweeter, more advanced crossover components and improved terminals.

The Oscar Trios are floor standing 3-driver speakers with Leif Olofsson components with 2 x 7-inch ceramic drivers and a one-inch ceramic tweeter.

For the vinyl enthusiast, the flagship Genesis stores will offer you a full line of Music Hall Audio turntables and cartridges – and they’re not forgetting about digital music lovers – they’re also offering Music Hall’s DACs, streamers and CD players.

Other brands of note are T+A pre and power amplifiers, KEF speakers, Quad amplifiers, Triangle Speakers, Audio Lab components and Solid Steel stands.

There are currently only a few Genesis by Centre HiFi shops presently, but there is an aggressive expansion plan in place to have up to 12 in total in short order. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later!