Until today, setting up a business telephony solution was complicated. You needed to get in touch with a phone operator, to imagine your needs over the next 2 years, audit your past usage, negotiate the quotes you got, then talk to someone else to price the devices, shop around, pick a model, negotiate a new price… And then, make an appointment with an installation business. And when you needed a new line, or had to move, you had to call in a specialist. And get in touch with another salesman, and then …

Basically, business telephony solutions are not suited to SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) environments, which need flexible, fast solutions. This is why Invoxia has invented all-inclusive business telephony that you can buy from the shops and set up quickly and easily.

The first all-in-one telephony service: phone + built-in subscription plan
With the Smart Office Phone, invoxia is launching an ultra-simple business telephony solution that uses an exclusive sales channel set up in a partnership with office supply retailers. By offering businesses the finest phones – truly gifted devices with high-quality sound – along with a plug and play solution including IP telephony, equipment suppliers are providing a truly unique answer with invoxia. Invoxia addresses the entire scope of IP telephony with its comprehensive Smart Office Phone package.

An all-in-one device dedicated to high-quality professional IP telephony
The Smart Office Phone by invoxia is an IP phone featuring a dual-core ARM processor and which uses iOS devices as an interface for an easier experience of business telephony. With its ultra-innovative acoustic design and the In Vivo Acoustic technology developed by invoxia, it offers matchless sound quality both in conference mode and personal communications (through the handset). Users can even benefit from invoxia’s revolutionary sound technology to enjoy music or podcasts at work and truly experience the orchestra…

Invoxia’s IP phone features 8 broad-spectrum speakers and 8 digital microphones. In “conference” mode, it has the capacity to create a virtual placement in space of remote participants, with automated speaker monitoring to create the feel of a real face-to-face conversation. Users benefit from the full capacities of In Vivo Acoustic technology, with its noise and echo cancellation systems.

While regular office phones come with hundreds of keys and features that no one understands, invoxia features only the essential: a control to pick up incoming calls in speaker mode and adjust the volume, and a mere two touch-sensitive “mute” and voicemail keys. With the iPhone as an interface and free application available from Apple’s App Store, using the invoxia could hardly be more intuitive.

The invoxia unifies your mobile and professional contacts in a single directory, and lets you pick up calls to your mobile directly from its high-quality handset. The phone seamlessly handles incoming calls on both the mobile and landline.

Its slick design makes it an unparalleled device for modern office environments. For added fun, invoxia comes with a set of 3 smart holders (magnetic handset rests) that can be changed to suit your office style.

Features of the invoxia Smart Office Phone
Matchless sound quality and performance
High-definition sound technology delivers acoustic comfort yet unparalleled in a conference call phone. The device reflects the subtle nuances of the speakers’ voice. This comfort is most perceptible in a conference setting, when the phone renders voices in spatial way all around the room. All of the speakers seem to be seated at the same table: conversations are easier to follow, less exacting, more focused on the essentials. The ability to distinguish sounds, to filter out background noise and concentrate what people are saying, even in motion, also helps to optimise listening comfort. Users can use the invoxia phone’s revolutionary inbuilt In Vivo Acoustic technology to listen to audio content from their IOS devices whenever they like.

Ultra-intuitive navigation
The desktop phone’s operation is based on the iPhone (or iPad / iPod touch). Through its user-friendly, smart and intuitive invoxia application, the user moves in a familiar environment. Its unified interface brings together all contacts (mobile and office) and all incoming calls are received on the same device (iPhone or invoxia desktop phone). Landline/mobile convergence increases the productivity and ease of use of business communication tools.

Ease of use
The invoxia phone leverages all of the iPhone’s unique features, which cuts down on the need for multiple interfaces, such as screens or keyboards, while offering innovative and accessible services. In a time when office phones are becoming increasingly complex, this device goes against the flow and focuses on useful core features, such as call forwarding, conference mode or voice mail…

Automatic setup
The invoxia application – available free from Apple’s App Store – is designed to maximize user experience. It will reflect a constantly-changing selection of Voice over IP providers. When creating their invoxia settings, users will simply tap on their operator’s tab to obtain an automatic connection, as simply as with the email setup on Apple devices. Invoxia is compatible with any operator using SIP technology and of course integrates Skype.

Technical specs
• In Vivo Acoustic Technology:
• 8 wide-bandwidth speakers,
• 8 digital microphones.
• Full duplex hands-free
• Background noise cancellation
• Wired handset with High-Definition sound
• Bluetooth® 2.1
• Incoming GSM call answer in hands-free mode or on the wired handset.
• Unified corporate/mobile phonebook
• 2 Ethernet Gigabit ports with built-in PoE
• 2 USB ports
• Support for the main wideband codecs

Designed for iPod Touch (3rd & 4th gen), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad.

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