Sennheiser introduces the HD 560S model

Sennheiser is a specialist in the manufacture of communication equipment for studios, stage, conference systems, microphones and headsets. To mark its 75th anniversary, this manufacturer from northern Germany presents its new HD 560S headphones.

The HD 560S is an affordable and comfortable version of an open-shell helmet with a weight of only 280 grams. Its modern and contemporary look is matched only by its comfort, of which the open nature provides good ventilation during long listening sessions. Its pressure on the head is lessened by the fact that its fabric pads rest around the ears. Its 120 ohms impedance and 110 dB sensitivity make it an ideal candidate for very high-fidelity equipment such as portable players or computers.

HD 560S – Thanks to their linear acoustics, suitable for extended listening sessions, as well as smooth and pleasant bass, these headphones have been designed for analytical audio lovers.


  • A natural and precise reference sound
  • The all-new high-resistance magnet transducer effortlessly
    reproduces deep, defined lows and brilliant highs.
  • The new polymer blend transducer membrane offers a highly linear
    excursion for perfect control.
  • Angled transducers recreate the optimum listening position every time,
    without the need for the room to be acoustically treated.
  • Open earpieces facilitate the natural expansion of sound waves.
  • Superior detail recovery with fast and clear bass response

The HD 560S‘s cable is replaceable and has a length of 3 metres. The ear cushions are also replaceable and the packaging includes a 3.5 mm mini-jack socket adapter. At the time of writing, the Sennheiser HD 560S headset is available in shops and has a suggested retail price of $259.95.