New from IsoAcoustics: Aperta Sub

IsoAcoustics is proud to unveil the new Aperta Sub. With a sculpted aluminum frame and patented IsoAcoustics integrated isolators, the Aperta Sub sets a new standard for woofer or subwoofer sound isolation. The Aperta Sub decouples the subwoofers from the supporting surface to prevent the physical transfer of energy that transmits to the supporting surface, causes room rattle and disturbs your neighbours.

The patented IsoAcoustics isolation also prevents subwoofer vibrations from reflecting off the stand’s surface and back into the subwoofer cabinet. Managing these reflections eliminates muddy bass trails and reveals greater clarity and definition.

Carpet discs (or decoupling spikes) are supplied with the Aperta Sub for use on carpeted surfaces. Carpet discs provide a solid connection through the carpet to provide a solid base for the Aperta Sub.

The Aperta Sub has a low-profile design that is 10.5″ wide x 11.5″ deep x 1.3″ high and is designed for use with front- and side-firing subwoofers weighing up to 80 lbs (36.3 kg). The innovative shape allows the Aperta Sub to be positioned directly under the subwoofer without interfering with the existing subwoofer stands.

With a large speaker producing low frequencies, the subwoofer creates a large amount of energy that can transfer to the supporting surface, interfere with other audio components and/or annoy your neighbours. The Aperta Sub provides a high degree of isolation and will clean up muddy low frequency sound to reveal more clarity and definition. The unique patented isolators are directional and are designed to be positioned with the logo facing forward, to resist lateral deflection and wobble, for greater accuracy and focus.

The IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub will be available shortly from your chosen audio-video retailer. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is expected to be around $189.99.