New cables range Odin Gold by Nordost

AUGUST 2021: Attendees of the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show were the first to view Nordost’s innovative new Supreme Reference line, Odin Gold. Odin Gold achieves the unthinkable, eclipsing Odin 2. While Odin 2 will continue to remain available as a beacon of audio prowess throughout the industry, Odin Gold is now taking its place at the apex of Nordost offerings, as the new flagship line.

Odin Gold advances the revolutionary technology generated throughout the development of the Odin 2 range, and improves upon its elemental composition. With this new preeminent cable range comes the introduction of a new material to Nordost‘s award-winning design philosophy. One whose stability, conductivity, and tolerance yields transformative, never before experienced enhancements to performance. That material is gold.

Odin Gold cables harness the full breadth of Nordost’s technological advances, innovative manufacturing techniques, and revolutionary, proprietary materials. The Odin Gold Power Cord is constructed using seven gold-plated, close tolerance, 14 AWG 99.999999% oxygen free copper conductors. Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament technology creates a virtual air dielectric between the extruded FEP insulation and each individual conductor. Nordost’s gold-plated TSC technology is then carried throughout the cable and into its purpose-built, 100% shielded, gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® connector. Odin Gold Power Cords are available with gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® US (Nema), EU (Schuko), AUS or UK to HOLO:PLUG® IEC-C15 or IEC-C19 terminations. The retail price is $34,999.99 for a 1.25 meter length; additional 1.25 meter increments are $9,500.00.

Odin Gold Analog Interconnects consist of ten gold-plated, 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, each utilizing proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, precise FEP extrusion, and gold-plated TSC shielding. Nordost’s patented, gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® connectors, in both phono and balanced varieties, give the Odin Gold Analog Interconnect an overwhelming advantage. Notably, the low mass RCA HOLO:PLUG® offers an ingeniously devised dual ring design which creates an “asymmetrically balanced” cable. Gold-plated pins, also present in the XLR termination, reduce vibrations, and eddy currents. The retail price is $34,999.99 for a 0.6 meter pair; additional half meter stereo increments are $5,000.00.

Nordost’s Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + takes every element under consideration, from design, to material, to technology, to construction — it even perfects aspects of grounding that remain an unsolved mystery for most audio cable manufacturers. Its construction consists of four, gold-plated, solid core 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension. The conductors are then individually shielded using Nordost’s unique, gold-plated TSC technology, allowing for 100% coverage and protection from external pollution (such as RFI and EFI) and crosstalk.

Nordost’s Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + uses a two-prong grounding approach. Firstly, Nordost’s flagship tonearm cable runs a fully isolated bond ground throughout the cable which can connect the chassis of the turntable and phono-stage, creating a secure, low noise connection between the two components. The second approach ensures that the gold tonearm cable will be able to address any grounding need, regardless of the unique construction of the components in the sound system. Each Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + will include two, detachable, gold-plated ground whips, complete with Dual Mono-Filament technology and gold-plated TSC shielding. When needed, these ground whips connect to the shielding of the tonearm cable, totally eliminating any noise that could be introduced during signal transfer. The Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + is terminated with customized, extremely low mass, gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® connectors which include straight or 90° Din, XLR and RCA terminations. The retail price is $21,999.99 for a 1.25 meter length; additional meter increments are $6,000.00.

Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cables begin with a base constructed using 28 gold-plated, solid core 20 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors. Each conductor takes advantage of Nordost’s Dual Mono-Filament technology and is encased in a high purity FEP extrusion. However, in contrast to Nordost’s previous loudspeaker cables, Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cables utilize an innovative tiered-termination process which eases the transition from cable to connector over several stages. This process minimizes the conversion points of conductors, using eight gold-plated, 14 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors on either end of the cable. In decreasing the number of conductors without decreasing the overall gauge, Nordost eliminates overcrowding and creates orderly and precise connection points, while decreasing the impedance introduced, which occurs in standard termination practices. This revolutionary technique allows perfect mass-matching to occur between the conductor and connector.

Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cables are terminated using Nordost’s gold-plated HOLO:PLUG® spade and Z-plug banana connectors. The retail price is $54,999.99 for a 1.5 meter length; additional half meter stereo increments are $8,000.00.

Odin Gold Bi-Wire Jumpers have an identical construction to the base of the Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cable, making them the perfect extension to accommodate bi-wire speakers. By integrating Nordost’s Odin Gold Bi-Wire Jumpers into your system you are not only taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology and improving upon the overall performance of your loudspeakers — you are ensuring a consistent sonic signature throughout your entire system. The retail price for Odin Gold Bi-Wire Jumpers is $13,999.99 for a 0.33 meter set.

Nordost’s Odin Gold audio cables are a revelation to the highest echelon of two-channel systems available in the audio world, producing a realism in playback that erases any confounds of an audio system, and provides you with a hyper-realistic audio experience that has to be heard to be truly appreciated.

The Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show marks the beginning of a year-long rollout period, during which this exceptional product will be introduced to audiophiles around the world. To experience your reference audio system as it has never been heard before, elite customers will soon be invited to schedule personalized Odin Gold auditions led by Nordost’s most exclusive Supreme Reference dealers as they become available.