Musicounts: testimony of recognition and gratitude

TED Magazine’s objective is to inform consumers as well as audio industry members of various events taking place in Canada.

As displayed within our Web and Social Network pages, consumers have been made aware of two audio exhibitions taking place in mid-October 2019 at two different hotels within the Toronto Airport areas: the Toronto Audio Fest and the Toronto Vinyl Fest.

The Toronto Audio Fest was geared more towards the audio systems whereas the Toronto Vinyl Fest was targeting music lovers wanting to buy new vinyl albums. These two audio events made it an incredible fun week-end for music aficionados as they could see and hear great audio systems and also choose vinyl albums of various musical genres. Fantastic musical performances were also taking place at both events for the enjoyment of visitors.
TED Magazine is pleased to publish a Thank You letter sent to the organizer of the Toronto Vinyl Fest, Mr. Benjamin Scarcelli, and all participants for raising quite a substantial amount for the music education charity named Musicounts. A hand of applause for what can be achieved when the audio industry members and its clientele work together and in this case, celebrate together as well.