September 2011—New York, NY— Meridian Audio has announced the introduction of its new Media Drive 600, a dedicated system storage solution that can be used either as a modular element when building a new system, or to add further storage to any existing Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System.

Media Drive 600 is designed to house a pair of hard disk drives configured as RAID 1, and as with all Meridian Sooloos components, it is always connected to the Sooloos extranet, which means it can be remotely accessed for support and diagnostics services.

Housed in a case design that matches other recent Meridian Sooloos components, including Media Core 600 and Media Source 600, Media Drive 600 incorporates a sophisticated switch-mode power supply and efficient, automatically regulated cooling system, both of which make rack-mounting and operation easier and more reliable.

Through its DHCP-enabled network connection Media Drive 600 connects easily to a host network allowing easy integration with the rest of a Meridian Sooloos system, and integrated control from any of the Meridian Sooloos control devices or Apps.

Easily rack-mounted, Media Drive 600 has a simple front panel interface with six LEDs offering feedback on system status. The front-loading drive bays also ensure that any necessary service can be carried out without the requirement to access the rear of the rack or to remove the Media Drive 600.

Meridian Media Drive 600 Sooloos Digital Media System Storage
Suggested Retail Price: $5,000US (excluding HDDs) and this is available this month