Jade Series speakers showcase proprietary materials to deliver high-end performance and stunning build quality at surprisingly affordable prices.

Huntingdon, England — World-renowned loudspeaker manufacturer Wharfedale is pleased to announce the launch of its latest loudspeaker range: the Jade Series.

Positioned above the highly successful Diamond 10 Series, every model in the Jade Series couples superb build and finish quality to a genuinely high-end standard of performance. The range comprises four stereo speakers: the Jade-1 and Jade-3 are both standmount models, while the Jade-5 and Jade-7 are floorstanders. There are also two centre channel models, the Jade-C1 and Jade-C2, and a wall-mountable speaker for surround sound use, the Jade-SR. Customers wishing to add an active subwoofer may choose a model from the forthcoming Wharfedale PowerCube range, due to launch later this summer

The Jade Series features proprietary techniques and technologies throughout, some of which have trickled down from the work undertaken in developing Wharfedale’s awesome, forthcoming flagship speaker – the Airedale Heritage Classic. The result is a range of loudspeakers capable of exceptional sonic detail and expression across a wide range of music – free from coloration, ambivalent to its surroundings and faithful to the original recording.

Unique Cabinet Construction
Elegantly curved cabinets feature throughout the Jade Series, fashioned from a new, proprietary substance called Crystalam. This laminated material is formed from a series of critically specified natural wood elements and composites, formulated to reduce panel vibration and acoustic leakage to below the threshold of audibility.

Each Crystalam layer is bonded to allow microscopic sliding of one layer upon another, providing a natural damping effect that quells the panel resonance experienced by conventional speaker cabinets. As well as reducing the peak level of panel resonance, the composite layers also spread the resonances over a wide frequency band, thereby avoiding the acoustic ʻsignatureʼ heard from standard MDF cabinets.

In addition, the multi-layer composite construction provides an acoustic barrier to prevent sound from inside the cabinet escaping through the cabinet walls. The overall effect is to reduce the sonic character of the cabinet to the point where it has no audible influence on the performance of the drive units.

Advanced Drive Unit Design
The Jade Series incorporates a proprietary cone material called Acufiber, newly engineered by Wharfedale. This advanced material marries the responsiveness of glass and carbon fibre with a self-damping woven matrix, the aim of which is to produce a neutral radiator that is responsive enough to transfer musical transients without dulling, with naturally damped cone flexure to reduce coloration.

The Acufiber cones also feature a moulded pattern that breaks up standing waves in the cone to further reduce coloration and distortion, enabling the cone to behave more like an ideal acoustic ʻpistonʼ without the resonances experienced by formed metal cones.

Each Acufiber cone is coupled to one of the most linear drive motor systems yet devised for a speaker. The voice coil is immersed in a magnetic field focused to produce balanced forces for push-pull linearity. In addition, the voice coil features shorting rings to reduce the usual effects of inductance, resulting in cleaner and more extended midrange response.

Phase Linear Crossover Networks
A key feature throughout the Jade Series is the use of a 75mm Acufiber midrange cone, in addition to the bass and treble drive units. The Jade-1, Jade-3, Jade-5, Jade-C1 and Jade-SR are all three-way designs, with separate drivers delivering low, middle and high frequencies, while the Jade-7 and Jade-C2 sport four-way configurations.

The crossover networks developed for the Jade Series are critical to ensure these drive units integrate seamlessly. Advanced measurement techniques, computer modelling systems and extensive listening tests have led to a crossover that is perfectly phase linear, ensuring that the ear hears no discontinuity as each drive unit hands over sonic delivery to the next. The result is a cohesive, natural sound that acts as a window into the musical performance – the speakers audibly ‘disappear’, enabling the listener to concentrate on the music and only the music.

Aperiodic Cabinet Loading
Many speakers use reflex loading via a rear- or front-mounted port to augment bass response. The problem with this technique is that it encourages resonance, which can blur the clarity of low frequency output, making instruments sound unnatural and indistinct. Instead, Wharfedale has developed a new version of the Aperiodic loading system pioneered by the company’s founder, Gilbert Briggs, especially for the Jade Series.

The system consists of an opening in the base of the Jade-5 and Jade-7 floorstanders, tuned by a slot formed by the space between the cabinet and the plinth. This slot is filled with resistive porous foam that controls the airflow from the port, delivering extended bass coupled to superb articulation and clarity.

Designed by Peter Comeau

Wharfedaleʼs development team for the Jade Series was led by multi-award-winning speaker designer Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design for IAG (Wharfedale’s parent company). Peter comments:

While best known since the 1980s for bringing high quality sound to the masses with the groundbreaking Diamond loudspeakers, Wharfedaleʼs 79-year history contains an enviable catalogue of landmark designs at a wide variety of price points.

“Our aim with Jade is to establish a new standard in sound and build quality at a price level above the current Diamond 10 Series. Uncompromising in design and manufactured with care and precision, Jade loudspeakers are constructed using the finest materials available. Coupling traditional craftsmanship to the latest advances in acoustic technology, we are able to uphold Wharfedale’s tradition of sonic excellence and furniture-quality cabinet making that dates back to the company’s inception in 1932.

“The goal is to allow the listener to become involved in the musical performance by immersion in the full emotion and passion engendered by the original musicians. We call this the Wharfedale Experience.”

Pricing and Availability please contact Canadian distributor Aralex Acoustics www.aralex.com or visit visit www.wharfedale.co.uk.