Ingress Audio Engineering 2v2 isolation bearings

Smoothly floating in the air

Ingress Audio Engineering is a micro company located in Ontario. Born from the Micheal Keirl‘s entrepreneurial genius, it manufactures a range of accessories designed to isolate your equipment and speakers from parasitic vibrations. To do this, Ingress uses the principle of ball bearings to dissipate vibration.

But how can this work well? In fact, your device rests on a minimum of three balls which themselves rest on a very smooth curved surface that maximizes the ball’s freedom of movement. The better the polishing of the ball and its resting surface, the easier it will roll. In this way, any form of vibration, whether from the device itself or from the outside, will be dissipated in the form of micro-movements and heat.

This idea of using Rollorblocks instead of couplings is not really new, the difference is that Micheal Keirl is able to offer them at prices that defy any competition! The 2v2 model, which I’ve had the opportunity to test, is priced at $99 for a set of three and is Ingress‘ entry-level model. They bring an undeniable plus that is not subtle.

If, like me, your devices incorporate tubes, the perceived improvement will be even more dramatic. The stereophonic image gains in focus, the bass seems much more agile and the timbres gain in texture. It works so well that the first time I listened to it, I laughed my head off! With a large integrated transistor, the improvement was less obvious. After trying them out with several devices, I would say that the best results were obtained with devices that were not too heavy. My little hybrid amplifier is crazy about it. My tube DAC can no longer do without it.

A set of three at a time is a must try to convince yourself of this. The important thing is to go slowly, device by device, in order to target those to which the 2v2 Rollerblocks bring benefits.

Ingress also offers another higher-end model of Rollerblocks called Level 3 and sold for around $200 for a set of three.

Ingress also offers a model to support speakers.

All these products are available online on the: Ingress Audio Engineering.