Chord Electronics introduced its first-ever music streamer and internet radio named the Chordette Index. The high-performance network music player will find and play stored music, whether on NAS, a network computer or a USB drive and is compatible with almost any format including: FLAC; WMA; AAC; WAV and MP3. Index also offers internet radio using the vTuner service, which currently gives more than 10,000 commercial-free stations and over 15,000 related podcasts.

Exceptional sound quality has been achieved by Chord Electronics’ engineering team, thanks to their world-renowned expertise with D/A conversion and DAC production. The unit’s internal DAC chipset has been optimized for sublime sound quality and benefits from its own highly accurate discrete crystal clock generator.

Full control of the Index using a tablet computer or smartphone is available (with full colour artwork, track information etc) as the unit supports many of the major control apps on the market. In addition, there’s a high-quality 128×64 dot matrix LCD display coupled with simple, four-way navigation keys that enable users to easily orientate the unit’s menu system. An infrared remote control is also provided.

The Index offers both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet functionality and benefits from a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including a fascia-mounted USB input, digital coaxial and optical outputs, plus RCA analogue outputs. Its compact dimensions and DLNA technology make it easy to install anywhere in the home enabling users to quickly start enjoying high-quality streamed music and internet radio.

The all-new Index joins Chord’s Chordette pricing and availability in North America
is to be announced very soon: