If you’ve ever been to a live performance and felt compelled to give a standing ovation in the hope of hearing an encore, then don’t be surprised if you feel the same impulse from our newest member of the Bang & Olufsen family – BeoSound 5 Encore. Having guests over for dinner – party optional – but don’t have time to construct the perfect playlist? Just select the song you want to listen to on BeoSound 5 Encore and sit back as the MOTS feature strings together a row of songs of a similar nature. Or share your passion for classical music from all over the world – or any other genre. Choose your favourites among the 13,000 international radio stations that BeoSound 5 Encore gives you access to. And when your guests can no longer keep their hands from the crafted aluminium wheel and their eyes from the crisp LCD screen, they can swiftly browse through a slew of album covers, music tracks or radio stations together to select yet another perfect song or mood. Interaction is intuitive, instantaneous, and seamless.

BeoSound 5 Encore offers lossless playback of all your digital music, from the storage media that suits you best. From an external harddrive or a music server. Or perhaps you want to play your newest music favourite from a simple USB stick, your smartphone or another mobile device. Either way, BeoSound 5 Encore will play the music for you. The choice is yours.

If you have the BeoSound 5 with BeoMaster 5, you can extend your music to more rooms with Encore, by using BeoMaster 5 as a music server for one or more BeoSound 5 Encores. Just as several BeoSound 5 Encores can connect to a central music server and play different music in different rooms. This way you can extend the unique and well-known access to your music to your entire home.