BDI Releases its New Flo Media Console

The Flo Media Console Now Shipping

BDI, premier designer and manufacturer of innovative home furnishings, has recently released a new console for electronic equipment to be unseen yet, heard clearly while the sound is evenly dispersed out. The design of the Flo Media Console is the work of Matthew Weatherly. Guided by the philosophy that everything has its place, BDI furniture combines original design with innovative function to seamlessly integrate technology into the home and office environments.

Beneath Flo‘s beautiful satin-white exterior is a highly functional AV cabinet which includes a host of innovative features to keep AV and gaming equipment perfectly concealed behind the doors, without interfering with the sound quality or IR signal accessibility. These features include:

• Perforated Steel Doors
• Center Channel Speaker or Soundbar Shelf
• Integrated Cable Management
• Removable Back Panels
• Adjustable Shelves
• Flow-Through Ventilation
• Remote Control Friendly

“Many consumers want media cabinets that allow for a full entertainment setup, but keep components hidden,” said Bill Becker, CEO and Design Director of BDI. “That is why we designed features like acoustically transparent doors, flow-through ventilation, and adjustable shelves in some of our latest media cabinets. These hidden-sound designs make it possible to keep electronics out of sight while still allowing them to operate at their best.”

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