Audio Solutions By Design Grand Opening

Last Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st, mag@zine TED visited Angie’s Audio Corner renovated annex which now serves as the headquarters to its sister’s branch operating under the totally becoming name of Audio Solutions By Design. Ms. Angie Lisi, the owner and head honcho along with its incredibly professional staff, turned the place into an heaven for the eyes: homey, well thought out, modern looking and very welcoming. Angie’s objective was to present to its current and future clientele great HiFi products within a home or office area so that they can better visualize and realize how sound can definitely cohabitate within great design.

On the first floor, we find three areas whereby a complete two channel audio system composed of various brands demonstrates how well it sounds while nonetheless being part of a very agreeable design. Audio components rendering a superb sound don’t have to look ugly within your home or office décor. Yet now a days, two channel HiFi audio systems include new technologies available to support on-line music streaming. This way, every member of the family can share their music with each other. Also located near-by is a closed room for more private listening sessions although during this event, we were treated to a live music presentation by a young fourteen year old teenager, who has a lovely voice and potential talent to become an excellent artist if she should wish to pursue this avenue.

Up the stairs onto the second floor, we are surprised as five other HiFi audio niches each presenting a different mix of well-known brands, are installed and ready for demoing and listening sesions. Again within each individual niche, the audio gear is installed onto great looking audio furniture manufactured by Bdi suggesting to the consumer how to best marry the audio system within the home or the office. A few ornaments and trinklets (in this case, Christmas being around the corner, many of them were of this specific theme) gave each area a home feeling while retaining a modern look.

The welcome received at Audio Solutions By Design is as usual a grand one. Thank you so much to Angie Lisi and her complete team for this grand day! To all those in the Toronto area, we invite you to stop by at Audio Solutions By Design even if you’re not into purchasing audio components for now, stop by and have a chat, perhaps even a demo and without a doubt, you will be welcomed by Angie and her team. Bravo to Audio Solutions By Design for the new Hifi audio presentation concept. Success is already within your premises.

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