Totem Acoustic Element Series Earth


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Selling my Totem Acoustic Element Earth Speakers. The condition of these speakers are fair due to some cabinet imperfections but they are acoustically perfect! I have posted pictures of the imperfections and have reflected that in the price (Original retail of $11,000.00+ with taxes). Absolutely no performance issues and I am happy to setup an audition.

Includes: Speakers, Grills, Jumpers

Thanks for looking and please contact me know if you have any questions.

Thank you/Merci!

Manufacturer Description:
Each Element model features Totem’s own 7-inch Torrent™ hand-assembled drivers utilizing machined precision fit and finish, as well as revolutionary magnetic technology found only in the Element Series.
The starting point for this revolutionary magnetic application was to make the Totem Element series utilize absolutely “no active or passive cross-over parts” in the woofer section. Once resolved this tremendous challenge offers substantial advantages in clarity and phase correctness with remarkable control and striking accuracy both on and off axis. Totem realized that this crossover-free network in the woofer path allows for an unfettered flow of information, sound, and energy, resulting in a real musical experience.
Magnetic grills are standard issue. The floor-standing models Earth and Metal also feature a variably adjustable “center front claw”. In addition, rear cabinet decoupling is provided on the columns via their individual “skid plates”.
The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups.

Design features:
Unique architectural design and geometric conception
Stunning multi-angled chassis
Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes
Custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates
Variably adjustable “center front claw”

Technical features:
7-inch Torrent™ hand-assembled drivers
Fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable)
Revolutionary magnetic field technology
No active or passive cross-over parts in the woofer section
Fully rear-damped 7-inch cone

Frequency Response 31 Hz – 22 kHz
Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Power 50 W – 200 W
Sensitivity 88 dB
Width 11.7″ Height 39.5″ Depth 15.4″

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