Telefunken Salzburg Tube Radio Console with Turntable


1960-70s Telefunken Salzburg Tube Radio Console.
With Telefunken TW501 Record Player.

Compressed air cleaned out. Deoxit on switches, Deoxit Fader on pots.

All recapped with high quality caps.

Mundorf, Nichicon, Audio Note, Ero, Orange Drop, Siemens, Russian Silver Mica.

Some resistors changed. (Kiwame)

Blue Leds in display panel installed. Soft Start Time Delay Circuit on B+ Voltage. B+ voltage Dropper Circuit (2x Caddock Military heat sinked resistors) added to drop voltage due to Solid state rectifier mod. the selenium rectifier was removed because it was unstable to age.

Replaced Elastics on treble and bass knobs to make the display show it.

See Video:

Some wood work redone. (not all). added some wood trim also. see pics.

tape selector box for multiple sources into tape input of the console. i have added a Logitech Bluetooth Receiver. you can add a cd player etc.
Differernet Types of Euro Tubes in RF sections.
German RFT ECC83 as preamp tube.
Power Tubes are european also.

Tunes in and sounds great.

See videos:

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